Including a provision for The SUHI Foundation in your will or living trust is the simplest way to make a planned gift. You may find that including The SUHI Foundation in your Will allows you to make a more significant contribution than you were able to accomplish during your lifetime.

With a Bequest, you may: 1) leave a specific dollar amount; 2) leave a percentage of your residuary estate; or 3) name a specific asset, such as a stock or bond fund.
Even if you have a will or living trust, you may include a bequest to The SUHI Foundation by amending your existing will or trust documents. Changes to your will or living trust can be accomplished by sending a letter of instruction to your attorney asking to include a gift to The SUHI Foundation. Include the following information in your letter of instruction:

The SUHI Foundation, Inc., a Tax Exempt 501(3)c Organization
c/o Sweetwater High School
2900 Highland Avenue
National City, CA 95190
State of California Registry of Charitable Trusts: CT0156554
Federal Identification #: 20-5167859

Our lamp glows bright, in our hearts SUHI lives.

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