Mission Statement and Purpose

The mission of The SUHI Foundation, established in 2006, is to promote and support the academic excellence and higher education goals of Sweetwater High School students.

The Foundation’s purpose is:

  • To support and fund the continuing education of graduating seniors of Sweetwater High School
  • To maintain and improve the facilities and grounds of Sweetwater High School
  • To purchase educational materials for the benefit of the students of Sweetwater High School
  • To fund and support continuing education for the administration, faculty and staff of Sweetwater High School

Foundation History

The SUHI Foundation, Inc. was established in 2006 as a 501(c) 3 non-profit public benefit corporation. The Foundation is listed in the Registry of Charitable Trusts with the State of California. The corporation’s Charitable Trust number is CT0156554 and its Federal Tax Identification number is 20-5167859.

Since its inception, The SUHI Foundation has raised over $700,000 in donations. In each of the years since inception, the Foundation has worked with administration, faculty and alumni to award college scholarships to deserving Sweetwater students and to fund needed programs and special projects.

Foundation Programs

Sweetwater High School was founded in 1882.  There have been over 100 graduating classes in the great history of our school. The current Board of Directors is made up of graduates from Sweetwater spanning from 1957 to 1997.  In order to build a self sustaining endowment, we are reaching out to alumni, citizens and businesses of National City to join our efforts to make Sweetwater High School a world class educational facility. We welcome your help and ideas.  Please Contact us and let us know who you are, when you graduated and how you would like to help.